Synopsis: Based on a real American hero.  Academy Award winner and screen legend Sidney Poitier shines in this heartwarming drama of one man’s battle to keep alive his wife’s dream.  Henry Cobb (Poitier) is a broken man.  For Fifty years he has slaved to make the bricks that build the town of Springfield.  Without his beloved wife he finds himself lost, lonely & losing hope.  But hope arrives – a contract to supply clay bricks to rebuild the school library to where his wife had dedicated her life.  Twenty two thousand bricks in eight weeks is an imposing challenge for just one man.  The challenge seems impossible.  But Henry finds an inspiration in thirteen-year-old run-away Danny Potter – son of the biggest contractor in town.  Working together their friendship grows, but as deadlines approach man and boy are left facing a struggle to keep the soul of the town alive.

Cast: Academy Award winner Sidney Poitier, Wendy Crewson & Jay O. Sanders

Genres: Drama, Family

Director: Gregg Champion